Tired of being a slave to sheet music?
Bored picking out stuff by ear that sounds lame and repetitious?
Wish you could just sit down at any piano and play
something that would impress your friends?

I play and teach adult piano in Pinellas County. Although I'm a jazz musician, it doesn't mean what I teach can only be used in jazz. But jazz is just about the ultimate in harmonic and melodic expression, and if you can understand those ideas, then standards, pop and rock tunes are a breeze.

Before we go any further:
— You must be at least 15 years of age and have played piano to some degree.

— You must be able to basically read music

— I teach in your home, on your piano or keyboard but ONLY in Pinellas County south of State Road 580.

— I charge $30 for a 45-minute lesson.

Everything I teach is directly related to performing. Yeah, a lot of it's theory but it's practical theory -- how the theory of it all relates to making music, not stuff you just memorize for no apparent reason.

        Instead of having to read this:

         You'll play from a lead sheet with melody and chord symbols like professional musicians do, and I'll show you how to fill in the rest to arrange a song the way you want it to sound:

You'll learn :
       Harmony (chords) — the way chords relate to performance, not just a list for you to memorize
       Voicings — so you can get a variety of sound out of what you play
       Reharmonization — chords you use to replace and enhance basic chords for more interest
       Fills — throwing in licks and runs to fill in the holes in the music...real showoff stuff
       Improvisation — from creating a new melody to out-and-out soloing
       Blues — the basis of much American music - you hear its influence in country, pop, rap and                        rock - from playing the blues itself to using blues licks in other tunes for cool effect
       Styles — harmonies and rhythm patterns that define swing, rock, shuffle, bossa nova and latin

Plus, I'll give you Mp3 files with drums and bass (sometimes other instruments) as backgrounds for you to practice along with on an Mp3 player or your computer...like having your own band and more inspirational than playing along to the boring tick-tick-tick of a metronome.


                                                     For more information, email ron@rondmusic.com or call 727-239-8131